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  Dear users favored with the benefits you purchase our products, I would like to thank! In order to provide you with better after-sales service, you protect the legitimate rights and interests, we welcome you to supervise the work.
  We firmly believe that "the creation of endless, endless improvement." We design and manufacture quality products at the same time, and always adhere to customer-oriented to customer demand as the core to provide customers high quality products for the purpose. Our products together with our wisdom, technology and services.
Quality Guarantee
  1, WEIERWEI adhere to the "customers first" the quality of quality, that it applies to the idea of Maria’s own plan to guarantee quality. Each agent’s walkie-talkie enjoy a period of up to one year parts and labor guarantee quality, accessories (batteries, transformers, chargers, antennas, headphones, rechargeable vehicles) are enjoying a three-month guarantee the quality of Annex ;
  2, The user purchased the host and accessories in the emergence of non-human quality of the warranty may be holding the warranty card or purchase invoices in the Wei-wei and customer service center or its authorized repair station to enjoy the free service warranty;
  3, Or a host of accessories from the purchase of 7 days from the date of non-human emergence of quality, warranty card holders can purchase or invoice in the VEV Customer Service Center or the purchase of new or replacement Department Annex;
  4, WEIERWEI Customer Service Center or its authorized repair station to enjoy the free service warranty.
Warranty regulations
  1, The normal warranty service is limited to the use of effectively. Users can enjoy man-made causes of damage to the warranty service, maintenance fees required. Man-made causes include: disassembly or modification of their own, natural wear and tear, mechanical damage, water, fire, and the use of non-Wei Wei provision of the antenna or accessories, such as not using the user’s manual;
  2, The warranty from the invoice date;
  3, Various VEV labels, serial number, please do not tear up the tab, otherwise no warranty;
  4, With warranty cards and invoices as a warranty certificate.
If you have any services, please call our 24-hour customer service hotline: 13711161116.
The power of interpretation of the terms of this warranty to the Guangzhou City WEIERWEI of Electronic Science and Technology Company Limited.
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Our customer service hotline: 13711161116  For purchase and to have purchased the product VEV of new and existing customers free of charge business consultation, the proposed complaints, technical support, after-sale problems, such as a series of comprehensive professional services;
We welcome your call more.
Thank you all along to us.
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Walkie-talkie of the main areas in which applications?
  Walkie-talkie mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transport, water conservancy, railways, manufacturing, construction and services industries for contact between members of the group and control to improve efficiency and enhance communication to deal with emergency cases rapid response capability. With the walkie-talkie into the civilian market, people travel, shopping is also the beginning of the increasing use of walkie-talkie.
The walkie-talkie to call How far away?
  Conventional walkie-talkie distance calls to open up to 8-10 km, up to 3-5 km in urban areas, where tall buildings or mountains to block, the call will be relatively short distance more. When
support network of walkie-talkie to call up a few dozen kilometers away. Networking is the use of the Taiwan relay (also known as a transit base station or Taiwan), automatically receive from the launch walkie-talkie signals, and its forward and enlarge. Networking can expand the coverage of the walkie-talkie communications, extended distance calls, to open up to 10-20 kilometers (handheld walkie-talkie), or 30-50 kilometers (walkie-talkie on-board), the building can cover in the basement, underground parking Plant, a serious fire channels, such as shielding, usually referred to as dead.
The use of walkie-talkie in the process of which pay attention to safety issues?
  1. Airbags in a car, not on the walkie-talkie to start when the air bag may be involved. If the walkie-talkie at the start when the air bag may be involved in a regional context, once the balloon rapidly, with the walkie-talkie may be a great impact injuries to personnel inside the vehicle;
  2. A potentially explosive atmosphere of the occasion or the environment, unless a special walkie-talkie through the walkie-talkie-type explosion-proof certification, must be shut down or walkie-talkie. A potentially explosive atmosphere, lead to spark an explosion or fire;
  3. Not a potentially explosive atmosphere of the environment to replace batteries or rechargeable batteries. Installation and removal of the battery may cause contact and lead to spark an explosion;
  4. Detonators near the blasting area and the region before the closure of a walkie-talkie in order to avoid any possible explosion.
And how walkie-talkie to maintain?
  1. Walkie-talkie long-term use, according to the health, control knob and the case could easily become dirty, removed from the control knob on the walkie-talkie, and neutral lotion (Do not use a strong corrosive chemical) and wet cleaning machines Shell. Such as the use of detergents, alcohol, oil or spray chemical agents such as walkie-talkie can cause damage to the surface and shell;
  2. Canal light light put a walkie-talkie, not hand-held mobile antenna walkie-talkie;
  3. Not to use headphones, such as attachment, covered with dust cover (if equipped).
What are the factors that influence the effect of distance and walkie-talkie to call?
1.System parameters:
  1) Transmitter output power, the stronger the launch of the signal coverage of the greater distance communication is also much more. However, transmitting power can not be too large, too large transmission power, the power not only affect the life of amplifier components, interference and strong impact on other people’s call effect, but also produce radioactive pollution. The management of radio communications equipment for the transmission power are clearly defined.
  2)communication equipment to receive the higher the sensitivity, communication, the more distance away.
  3)Antenna gain antenna in the match with the machine, it is usually the case, a high antenna, or to receive more capable of launching. Handheld walkie-talkie antennas used for the general spiral antenna, the gain and bandwidth than other types of antennas to be small, more vulnerable to human impact.
2. Environmental factors: environmental factors are the main path, the density of trees, environmental electromagnetic interference, buildings, weather conditions and terrain, and other differences. These factors and other parameters of a direct impact on the field strength and signal coverage.
3.Other factors:
  1) Less battery power when battery power is low, voice quality will deteriorate. Seriously, there will be noise, thereby affecting the normal call.
  2) Antenna matching, and machine-band antenna inconsistent band, the antenna impedance mismatch, it will seriously affect the distance calls. For users, in other words, when the antenna used to pay attention to tightening the antenna, and can not use non-manufacturers with the antenna can not be inconsistent with the use of machine-frequency antenna points.
What is a walkie-talkie of the public?
  The public is the walkie-talkie: transmitting power is not greater than 0.5W, work at a frequency of the wireless walkie-talkie, the radio frequency, RF power, and other technical specifications to meet the following requirements:
  1、Frequency(.9000;409.Unit:MHz): 409.7500、409.7625、409.7750、409.7875、409.8000、409.8125、409.8250、409.8375、 409.8500、409.8625、409.8750、409.8875、4099125、409.9250、409.9375、409.9500、409.9625、409.9750、409.9875;
  3、Effective transmit power(EIRP):< 0.5W;
  4、Firing frequency tolerance:<+5ppm;
  5、Transmitter spurious radiation:<50uW
  6、Receiver spurious radiation:<20nW;
  7、Channel spacing:12.50kHz。
Walkie-talkie EMI, EMC
  In order to avoid electromagnetic interference and / or electromagnetic compatibility issues arising from the paste in a "closed walkie-talkie," marking the occasion should be shut down walkie-talkie. For example, hospitals or other health care facilities to use the occasion. In the air, should also be required to close a walkie-talkie.
Note the use of walkie-talkie batteries?
  1. VEV with or approved by the original battery;
  2. If the metal conductor, such as jewelry, beads or practicing touch on the key cells exposed to the electrodes, all the batteries could cause damage or personal injury. Be careful treatment has good and sufficient battery power, especially when it into the pocket, wallet or other metal containers, should pay particular attention to;
  3. Should be charging 5 to 40 degrees environment. If you exceed this temperature range, battery life be affected, with the possibility of filling the rated capacity of discontent.
With a walkie-talkie to call to pay it?
  Conventional walkie-talkie calls do not have to pay. No matter how you use frequently, you need to do each year for each walkie-talkie to pay tens of dollars on the occupation fee to the frequency, such as the use of walkie-talkie of the public do not need to pay any fees.
Note the use of walkie-talkie antenna?
  1. WEIERWEI only use original or approved by the antenna. Unauthorized antenna, modified or added to the annex to the antenna may be damaged or walkie-talkie radio Authority in violation of the provisions of the Ministry of Information Industry;
  2. In the use, do not get their hands antenna;
  3. Walkie-talkie antennas can not be twisted, or in the launch tube power to easily burn;
  4. Do not use damaged antenna. At launch time, if the damage to the antenna contact with the skin may cause minor burns please.
Be able to use walkie-talkie to call?
  In support of the network conditions, can be used walkie-talkie to call. But if the only stand-alone between the conventional call, a phone call can not be achieved.
The use of walkie-talkie would not have radiation?
  Walkie-talkie with the design of the Ministry of Information Industry [2001] No. 869 of the relevant provisions of the document will not produce harm to the human body, and the use of walkie-talkie when the body is not close to call, but away from human-to-call 5-7 cm.
With other members of the group dialogue?
  First of all, make sure that your use of the frequency and sub-audio signals with other members of the same group; in the absence of the issue make sure that the other members of the group’s services in the region.
The use of walkie-talkie at the other side to receive the voice of small or intermittent voice?
  Check if sent MIC walkie-talkie Department whether or not to plug holes (Please send any depots maintenance).
Power-down or often can not boot?
  Walkie-talkie film touch battery check whether deformation, the power switch is loose.DIV>
After the machine how to deal with water
  Water machine should be immediately pulled out the battery will be forced Shuaichu water, ventilation drying on the drying Department, and for the shortest possible time to repair depots.
Variable sensitivity of the last call from the poor?
  Check whether the good antenna, the antenna is loose or damaged seat (if there are questions, please send professional maintenance repair stations).
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To accept the use of the weak signal and a way to listen to. By pressing a dedicated button to receive mandatory access channel signal, the operator with ears to identify the speaker in a weak voice, to listen to.
In order to hear all channels of talk, and used a way to listen to.
By pressing a dedicated button, so that the reception circuit, according to a certain order-by-channel receiver for a period of time to listen to the channel’s signal.
If each channel to receive time for 100ms, then scans per second over 10 channels, that is, the scanning speed of 10ch / s.
3.Priority Channel Scan
In the scanning process of scanning the priority of priorities set by the channel.
4.Delete/Add Scan Channel
Will be a channel scan from the list of deleted or added to scan the list.
When the feature is activated, do not have to according to the PTT key can be launched directly from the voice start to operate.
6.TOT: Time Out Timer
The function for users to limit the time to launch a super-channel, but also to avoid a walkie-talkie as a result of damage caused by launching a long time.
7.Battery Save
To conserve electricity, to extend the standby time, the walkie-talkie for a period of time without firing button and accept the operation will be shut down for a period of time, for a period of time booting the way, this way is called power-saving mode. Switch machines than the length of time is about 1:4. Upon receiving the signal or button operation, the walkie-talkie to immediately withdraw from the state power into a normal state.
8.High/Low power
This feature allows users to choose according to the actual situation of high power or low power.
9.Busy Channel Lockout
When using this feature, users launch the Prohibition of the busy signal channel.
10.Squelch Level
To receive the signal in the noise and signal strength was the strength of the relationship, the stronger the signal to noise weaker. The largest and the smallest noise between the noise is divided into several files, each called a file. The file is divided into several series called mute. Users can choose according to the actual situation.
11.CTCSS/CDCSS Function
Use this feature to avoid receiving calls irrelevant.
12.2-TONE/DTMF Function
2-TONE use DTMF signaling or call the appropriate choice of walkie-talkie.
13.Reverse Frequency
Was the use of frequency functions, the launch walkie-talkie frequency and frequency will receive the exchange and set signaling also swap.
14.Talk Around
From the use of network functions, the launch of the walkie-talkie frequency receiver and get the same frequency; signaling also fired into and receiving the same signaling.
When the walkie-talkie received a call when the correct code to the caller to send a signal to respond to the call.
16.Emergency Alarm
Press the alarm button dedicated, walkie-talkie with the greatest voices sound alarm is scheduled to issue a report to the police or other code to the handset or the base.
17.Patrol Record
Patrol officers arrived to patrol point, the patrol will receive a walkie-talkie-registration issued by the inquiry signal, and then automatically start the registration operation, the identity of its own code and other information sent to patrol-registration be registered, have shown that a patrol officer to arrive at the .
The use of the function keys to prevent the misoperation.
19.Battery Indicator
Show battery power.
For the night in the dark or operated, can be read LCD display and buttons.
This feature will allow a walkie-talkie to copy the data to model the same walkie-talkie in the other.DIV>
With a certain type of signal modulation or a carrier of several parameters to control the parameters of the change, according to the control of different parameters, modulation can be divided into AM, FM and PM.
Refers to the frequency of the voice of the people speak, usually means a band of 300Hz-3400Hz.
24.Carrier wave
Voice, digital signal, signaling the carrier signal, and other useful, easy-to-high-frequency electromagnetic wave transmission.
25.Channel And Channel spacing
Voice, digital signal, signaling the carrier signal, and other useful, easy-to-high-frequency electromagnetic wave transmission.
2-TONE, two-tone signal, composed of two audio signals, A Tone + B Tone. A Tone first period of time, and then from time to time between then made B Tone. 2-TONE signaling the use of the option to call the walkie-talkie.
5-TONE, 5 tone signaling, and the role of the two-tone signaling the same, the difference between the frequency of the five components.
CTCSS(Continuous Tone Controlled Squelch System),Squelch control systems for voice, audio, commonly known as Asia, is an audio frequency lower than the frequency (67Hz-250.3Hz) attached to the audio signal transmission technology together. Because of the frequency range of audio standards in the following, it is referred to as sub-audio. When the receiver on the walkie-talkie signals IF demodulator, the sub-audio signal through filtering, shaping, into the CPU, this machine set CTCSS frequency for comparison in order to decide whether or not to open the mute.
CDCSS(Continuous Digital Controlled Squelch System),Squelch for digital control systems, and its role in the same CTCSS, the difference is that it is based on digital coding as a way to mute it open.
DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency),Dual tone multi-frequency, high-frequency by the group and the group of low-frequency, high-low-frequency group includes all 4 frequency. A high-frequency signal and a low frequency signal superimposed to form a combination of signals, on behalf of a number. DTMF encoding signaling 16. DTMF signaling call option to use the walkie-talkie.
HomePage > Services&Support > Write-frequency Step
System requirements
OS: Windows98 operating system or later
Hard disk space: At least 50MB of available hard disk space
Minimum memory: 64M
1.Friendship tips
  1) Please write in the current walkie-talkie frequency of random read carefully before use with a copy of the prospectus;
  2) When you write in the current walkie-talkie frequency, the software used in the process of the problems encountered, the software can view the help file (may be F1);
  3) each corresponding to a walkie-talkie WEIERWEI computer software to write a different frequency, please check to confirm before they are allowed to write frequently.
Computer preparations:
  1) Open the computer power to run the operating system;
  2) software CD-ROM into the drive, the installation of the necessary frequency write a walkie-talkie WEIERWEI software;
  3) run the model relative talkies WEIERWEI write-frequency software, programming appears to be a window.

Preparations for the walkie-talkie:
  1) write-frequency end of the line 9-pin interface to connect to the computer’s RS232 (COM1) port;
  2) to ensure that the batteries in an electric, open to write a walkie-talkie frequency;
  3) to write the other side of the line-frequency radio to connect to an external microphone / speaker interface (right side).
  1) found in the menu and click on the "time-frequency (Read From Radio)" (shortcut Ctrl + R), in the window that appears, click on time frequency;
  2) The operation needs to be a few seconds or a few seconds, the time to be progress after the completion of the walkie-talkie that the channel has read the current software;
  3) to amend the appropriate channel, into the soft frequency band should be in the range of the aircraft;
  4) found in the menu and click on the "write-frequency (Write To Radio)" (shortcut Ctrl + W), in the window that appears, click the write frequency can be;
  5) When the progress bar is complete, you revise that after the success of the channel has been written into the walkie-talkie;
  6) If you need more than the same walkie-talkie frequency, can repeat 4) and 5) the steps.
  7) to write off frequency line, two walkie-talkie test, if unable to breath or to receive the need to re-write frequency.
4.To address issues related to
Q: When reading of the walkie-talkie frequency band or write for a long time when no response or communication error?
A: 1) Check whether the line was damaged frequency;
  2) Please check you write lines and frequent computer with a walkie-talkie or serial interface is bad or loose;
  3) Check the walkie-talkie batteries installed correctly, if requested to re-install the correct;
  4) Check whether the walkie-talkie batteries are low or no electricity, if requested to replace batteries or an electric current to the battery charge and progress;
  5) Check the frequency to write software with the current model relative talkies or match;
  6) Please check frequently write software in the port is set to COM1;
  7) Check whether the walkie-talkie in power turned on.

Q: When the frequency was completed, the two found a walkie-talkie can not call or receive?
A: 1) Make sure whether the two walkie-talkie in the same channel;
  2) Make sure the two of the volume is too low walkie-talkie, if put up to the largest volume;
  3) Check whether the two walkie-talkie in a boot or a state or low-voltage electricity in the state.

Q: If it is found that the model does not correspond to write a walkie-talkie frequency software?
A: You can visit our VEV walkie-talkie official Web site for download.
  Web site is http://www.gzwew.com/Vdownload.asp?v=1
  If you operate in the course of any problems,You can also call our customer service telephone consultation into contact 13711161116.
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