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Model: 789,889
Model: VEV-768/868
  VEV-768/868 is WEIERWEI simulated on-board high-end professional units, high performance, feature-rich, simple, durable. To provide users with complete and reliable on-board communications solutions, to quickly improve the efficiency of the team. In a variety of bumps along the road conditions and poor field conditions, be able to complete the outstanding tasks of command and communication, is a taxi team, public security, logistics, Ju You Drive, and other users can trust.
  VEV-768 + / 868 +, its simple appearance, structure Jianlian, easy to install, simple to operate. Companding advanced voice technology, to ensure that users in a variety of noisy environments will be able to call a clear, smooth contact. Its performance is extremely stable, in a variety of bumps on the road conditions and poor field conditions, to be able to complete the outstanding tasks of communication. Is the transportation, manufacturing, ports, public safety, logistics, taxi and ferry services, such as an ideal choice for users.
Model: VEV-950
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