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  WEIERWEI Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. - Chinese professional provider of wireless communications equipment company since 2002, since the establishment of a comprehensive commitment to professional wireless communication product development, production, sales and services, and to focus on providing customers with solutions. Leads the industry with strong technical strength, to become the domestic market, the international radio market, the service sector leading the well-known brands.
  We have developed specialized communications brand products to leading the market as a leading enterprise development, foreign trade and exports, as deputy foreign brands expanding the core And significantly enhance the brand’s market share at home and abroad, so as to promote the upgrading of wireless communication products, after the experience products at various stages of approach or exceed the foreign The level of similar products, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness, to create China’s own national brand products, professional communications, to provide for human well-wireless communications products, WEIERWEI of Electronic Science and Technology is the ultimate goal of development.
  Overseas and domestic markets to flourish, to bring unprecedented opportunities and a strong driving force for development, WEIERWEI all-round, multi-point of the internationalization of the global strategic layout to the overseas market-oriented marketing strategy is being gradually implemented. In the new round of adjustment of the market economy in transition period, we will always maintain a high spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial passion to upgrade technology, improve management, scouring team efforts to of-the-art technology, professional services, to maximize the customer in the network information Business development needs of the times, to the best quality, reasonable price and best quality service to win customers.
  WEIERWEI has "started in customer demand, customer satisfaction at last" for the purpose of the development of the market. To shorten the processing cycle, to reduce product costs, and working with customers. We are in constant pursuit of excellence, perfect their own products, so that the products meet and exceed customer requirements and improve competitiveness in the market. And customers has been to create long-term value and potential growth. E-WEIERWEI will, as always, to the integrity and the principle of equality and mutual benefit, and dedicated to provide users with the best service, is willing to forge ahead hand in hand with friends from all walks of life and common prosperity.
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  WEIERWEI always with"begin from customer′s need, finally customer satisfaction" don′t aim, orientation market development.Shorten to process a period, lower product cost, hold hands with large customer shoulder to shoulder.We are constantly pursuing outstanding, perfect oneself of product, make the product attain and surmount customer a request, continuously promote a market competition ability.Combine always at is customer creation long-term of value with latent of growth.WEIERWEI electronics will just as since go toward of with trustworthiness and equal with each other benefit for principle, with all sincerity for the customer provide the superior good service, wish and the public friend to hold hands courageously enter, common prosperity.
  The corporate culture of the "mankind because of dream but great, business enterprise because of culture but prosperity", WEIERWEI is what WEIERWEI are in the long-term of the business enterprise the development backlog, coagulate with precipitate since then, over several years WEIERWEI business enterprise are in the development development strong, Wei but Wei corporate culture at development Zhong more the body appeared the spirit elegant appearance of WEIERWEI person.
  WEIERWEI establish many in the last years, along with the development in ages, chaperonage Wei but the fast growth, WEIERWEI corporate culture of Wei business enterprise of value pursue also at continuously perfect renewal.The corporate culture that Wei but Wei business enterprise pursue was what WEIERWEI person make great effort to make country strong Zhong formation, WEIERWEI corporate culture to surmount the business enterprise narrow benefits view, at carry society responsibility of in the meantime, pursue business enterprise and personal harmony development, pursue a business enterprise and society of can keep on development.
  The trust come from value, the reason that brand ability can customer of trust, root reason is value with the result that.The key main factor which constitute brand is a quality, technique kimono duty.From value of angle analysis, the quality, technique kimono of the business enterprise duty constituted business enterprise brand value system.The quality is the groundwork of brand, there is no prop up of quality and brand′s being a station don′t get up:The technique is the corpus of brand, there is no technique content, the brand lose existence for the meeting of meaning:Service is a sublimate of brand, serve of innovation, the brand will not have influence market to expand Di image dint.We see from the process of brand growth, use value bring by technique with from culture, service bring of appreciate beauty value is a fertile fields of brand growth and development, the brand only plant a root in value of in the thick soil, would growth customer and society of trust.

Our one speech a line all honesty can letter, carefully obey WEIERWEI business behavior standard, keep commitment, worthy of trust.The honesty keep promise ground to treat each customer and business agent, honestly solve business top for the customer actual of demand, unremittingly pursue tallestly customer′s satisfaction.

WEIERWEI demand 1 efficiently, careful but harmony of team, we existence of environment request we mold a satisfy customer demand of team and organization, request our employees be real to seek quasi- oneself pass efficiently in the position on the business enterprise value chain of team cooperation, knowledge of share, with each other repair of the resources to realization oneself of value.

WEIERWEI think that the innovation be a kind of aggressive of thinking way, each employee of innovation come together of ability and practice realization business enterprise of innovation, continuously of break bring continuously of development.Creativity thinking, we pleasure combine can comprehension and usage new of process, method and tool with keep on development company business, regardless follow the sequence and advance gradually of improvement, or day Ma3 Xing2 Kong′s creativity.WEIERWEI initiate of innovation is not simple meaning up of different, but initiate to be good at study and be good at replying to use foundation on of innovation, construct a business enterprise to keep on development of core competencies.

Talented person
The talented person is the most precious resources of company and wealth and create for the elitist a harmony, reply a work environment of use the intense emotion, is a company long-term development of assurance.The company will absorb a Na top-grade talented person by business, achievement, opportunity, culture, treatment and pass a full of challenge and creation in the meantime of work to realization the employee′s life ideal and life style.

Face wireless communication the be full of variety and competition of profession, WEIERWEI think and only have spirit of challenge us then can at competition and pressure in front brave go forward and break.Success demand continuously forget past of achievement, need to be study steadily.We initiate to surmount ourselves, persist to pursue, continuously challenge technique and market of highest point.

The customer is first.Aggressive look for comprehension customer, value the customer′s standpoint and opinion.Active take action to promote customer′s satisfaction.

Loosen, the atmosphere of harmony
WEIERWEI are 1 to have a family sort warmth, in peace and harmony whole, the employee′s of mutually respect, mutually communication and exchanges, plus freedom easy of work environment, make you complete feeling arrive work is a kind of happiness!

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