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Model: VEV-3188D
  VEV-3188D will use the walkie-talkie to bring reliable, clear and efficient communication. Make your work efficient. Point broadband coverage for routine use of the environment. In order for you to fully understand the various advantages of the walkie-talkie and be able to use it, read the Manual.
Model: VEV-3188
  VEV-3188 is an integrated technology and exquisite design of a new type of wireless walkie-talkie, it not only provides superior performance and strong power, but also full of stylish appearance of the atmosphere will bring you new and efficient way of working The communication services. Its lightweight structure, in line with the ergonomics of the design, stability, the quality of communication, as well as the high-power output, which will allow your team to improve efficiency, free contact.
Model: VEV-338
  VEV-338 with unique human design, excellent quality, simple and streamlined without losing the character design and powerful features for a major. Has a stable performance, adjustable three-color screen background light design, to meet the communications needs of customers, to realize their pursuit of the shape of a walkie-talkie.
Model: VEV-528s
  VEV-528S which combines advanced technology with innovative design, prudent, wise, the atmosphere, superior performance, economical and practical! The business users of ultra-high cost-effective communications tool. By the hotel shopping, dining and entertainment, construction, property management and other security industry's favorite customers.
Model: VEV-528
  Local adoption of advanced technology and processes, we believe that the design will make it better, faster service for your life, then the right to use it in detail before, please read the product manual.
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