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Model: VEV-V3
Model: vev-v2
Model: VEV-V1100
  VEV-V1100 is not only full-featured, easy to operate, but also has a very high cost, and in the form of this link design, process and structure of the aesthetic properties of reasonable stability, in order to meet the users easy to use and performance Walkie-talkie to crush the ultra-small-designed.
Model: VEV-V1000
  VEV-V1000 set to light body, the appearance of small, feel comfortable and easy to carry, reliable performance for a multi-function wireless walkie-talkie. To his waist in the same system can work easily. Its innovative design, stability and reliability of the circuit, two-row dot matrix display a variety of colors and the background lights are designed to highlight humanity, is your ideal of a walkie-talkie.
Model: VEV-3288S
  VEV-3288S is WEIERWEI collection of the latest research results of the introduction of high-end professional wireless walkie-talkie, and their professional quality is also affected by many amateur good by the blind green. The human body design, the touch factor is a sense of place and comfortable, and more cordial. VEV-3288S to its powerful features, performance and stability, in order to bring you the most cost-effective use of the experience.
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